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Online Privacy, Do Not Track, and the “Post-Cookie” World: New Guidance from the IAB

115562673_03b7fceea6_nEven as website owners and operators struggle with how to comply with recent changes to the law governing Online Privacy Policies, changes to the underlying technology are in the works, bringing about the so-called “Post-Cookie World” and begging the question of how to adapt your online privacy policy to meet this new technology. I won’t pretend to understand the intricacies of cookie or post-cookie technology; my concern is drafting online privacy policies for my clients that adequately address whatever technology is currently in vogue and understanding just enough of it to do so.

In an effort to understand the underlying technology just enough to be dangerous (and glean some drafting principles that may follow from it), I recently came across guiding principles for developing cookie replacement technology published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (“IAB”) entitled “Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World.” In developing its guiding principles, the IAB begins by “Imagining a world where HTTP cookies were never invented” and suggests that, in developing alternatives to the cookie for tracking consumers, it is important to bear in mind what the consumer wants.  In my experience dealing with regulators who have no concept of something being outside their regulatory authority (particularly with consumers complaining to them), the IAB is correct that a proactive approach could keep the regulatory wolves at bay: Continue reading Online Privacy, Do Not Track, and the “Post-Cookie” World: New Guidance from the IAB