About the Author

Amy Salberg owns Salberg Law, a business law and litigation firm in West Bend, Wisconsin. Find out more at www.westbendlaw.com .

Amy is dedicated to helping businesses prevent problems in their relationships with customers, regulators, employees, competitors, and suppliers. She does this by preparing understandable and enforceable contracts, forming the appropriate business entity, and advising businesses regarding the increasingly complex web of laws regulating them and their interactions with others. She also help clients solve problems through litigation, arbitration, and government relations.

Typical clients are small businesses and non-profit organizations, including community banks; credit unions; merchants; service providers; automobile dealers; food producers and distributors; marketing companies; technology companies; and businesses involved in a variety of other activities. If you own or run a business, Amy can help with your legal needs.

Specialties: Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Consumer Financial Services Law, Employment Law, Contract Law, Regulatory Compliance, Credit Union Law,  Arbitration.

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