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Quick! Your Online Privacy Policy May be Out of Date

privacypolicyIf you have a commercial website and have not done so already,  NOW is the time to update your company’s online privacy policy. WHY? Because January 1 was the effective date of amendments to California’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“OPPA”); these amendments require additional information in the online privacy policies of covered websites.

But, but, but, I’m not IN California!

Good for you! But that is not how we determine whether OPPA applies. It does not matter where YOU are located – what matters is whether  you collect personal information about California residents who stumble across your commercial website.

How do I know if the law applies to my website?

If you operate a commercial website and collect “personally identifiable information” (PII) about consumers through your website, OPPA applies to your site unless you ensure that PII is not collected from California residents. Good luck with that.  Continue reading Quick! Your Online Privacy Policy May be Out of Date